Traditional Indian Ginger Tea

Generally I’m not a big fan of all these complex cooking recipes. I just love simple but clean and delicious recipes which we can make in minutes. whether it’s desserts or main course, I love it.

Who doesn’t love tea? even if its cold or hot most of us love tea.I still remember the tea I once drank in Mumbai and the taste of it is still in my mouth.  The moment I reached back home I wanted to try that  tea. I experimented with a few little ingredients and it turned out pretty well, just try it and you will love it. Remember, it is not a very complex kind of recipe and it’s not a very big thing in India to  make  tea which even a five year old knows how to make it.

Ginger tea have lot of benefits.A cup of ginger tea can help improves our digestion.Drinking a cup of ginger tea can help prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. If you are a vegan you can try it without adding milk.


Just imagine drinking this tea when it’s raining outside 🙂 .

Ingredients :

  1. Tea powder-2 tablespoon or according to taste
  2. Ginger-2 inch
  3. Milk-1 cup
  4. Water-1 cup
  5. Jaggery-according to your taste


Boil the water and put the crushed ginger and jaggery in to it and cover with a lid.  When it boils, put tea powder and let it boil for few seconds and switch of the flame. In another tumbler boil milk. At the end just filter the tea and mix it well with the milk. If you want to make it a bit more fun, you can try to pour the tea like the Chaiwala’s do in India :-).

serves two