Happy Anniversary to us|Notes and Thoughts

Happy Anniversary to us. Time is running like a race horse. I feel like I just got married yesterday. The feeling right now I’m experiencing is Happiness, Bliss, Enlightenment. NO, NO don’t worry I’m not trying to become a saint. By marrying this wonderful person I’m not even thinking of that. Of course, I’m learning some of the yoga tricks these days. Appreciate me for that. woohoo!!

So coming to the anniversary. The day started at one of the shopping mall near to our home. Yes, it literally started at a shopping mall. My phone Nerd husband takes me to the AT&T store there. I waited there for almost 1 hour watching cartoon channel. I still remember the cartoon.Because the study says whatever you learn in the morning will not forget.

Anyways, by afternoon we started searching for that one special restaurant that can serve us the best food. FACT: never happened before 🙂

we found one Mediterinian restaurant ILILI (http://www.ililinyc.com/). The name itself was funny. But the food was awesome. Sumptuous. I don’t have words.

ILILI Restaurant
ILILI Restaurant


Food <3

On the way, we stopped at the public library to return my book. So here is me trying to be the nerd.

I’m lacking words to express my love for you dear. I LOVE YOU!!!




A day out in Lehigh|Travel Notes And Thoughts

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for showing me around. Thank you for showing your amazing cooking skills Ashi <3

One of the perfect summer day. Everything was just so good. The weather, The food, The people, The university. I was so happy inside.

Lehigh University

Every time I visit this place, I feel like I’m walking in and between 18th and 21 st century. There is old buildings, new buildings. All soothing to my eyes. Especially the old buildings.

The green grass actually made me believe like that ‘SUMMER IS HERE’. I haven’t seen such a big green meadow other than in a park. No more to say, it was beautiful.

Became a bit adventurous here. Sorry, Amma. I know you are reading this. I swear, I won’t do that again  😛

I don’t know from where I learned all these weird poses. Most probably from all those Instagram pictures that right now I’m addicted to.



To my mother and father|Notes And Thoughts

Maybe this will be the most confused post that I’m ever going to write till date. Today I just want to give a bit of gratitude to my Amma and Achan. I know for sure that they will be reading this post. Thank you so much for taking care of me. Thank you so much for bearing all my tantrums. I know, even if the whole world is against my opinions you two will be there to support me. I don’t have any words to display my love.

Amma Achan

There were days that I was not feeling okay. I know how hard it was for you two to see me going through that pain.

There were comments about my body structure, about my body weight and all. I’m genetically skinny by nature. No matter whatever I put into my body I won’t get fat(except fast foods). When I was young it was really hard to accept that fact. Because I was against the society norms body structure.

I’m not ready to put on weight by daily eating McDonald’s cheeseburger. I’m not going to do that.

I have never heard a comical comment about this body matter thing from my parents. Even if they are raising their concern about my health I can clearly understand the love in their voices. It’s genuine. My grandmother(father’s Mother) used to always tease me about this. But no matter what, I know how much she loves me. I miss her a lot. I love you.

I can clearly differentiate the difference between the genuine love and the fake love that is showing towards me by the people. I’m so grateful for all the real love. Growing up, I have learned a lot about this.

Currently, I’m reading a book by Sarah Knight’s ‘The life-changing magic of Not giving a fuck’. I think my father have already read this in his dreams. It’s a book about giving too many fucks in our life. Pleasing other peoples. Doing the things for others, that are against our wishes and desires. Salute to him.

P.S- I don’t have the courage to be you, my dear father. Please be you. Never ever change your personality for others. I know how much you care about others ‘if you like them’.

Macy’s flower show and Samsung store

who is this?
Who is this?

Who is this in the picture. I seriously had no idea. It was on our way to the Macy’s flower show. After we came home I googled it and this was the statue of Horace Greeley who was the founder and editor of the New-York Tribune.

We stopped here to get some empanadas. I love to snack  :-P.

He is totally confused what to get. Next stop Macy’s flower show. Expectation- Very high 😀

It was completely different from what we can see in a flower show. And the end result. I love the creativity.




If you are going with the normal expectation for a flower show, you will definitely not like it. If you can enjoy the creativity and effort behind it, it’s an eye-pleasing show plus the bonus display of all the branded bags  :-D.

Next stop Samsung store

What about seeing our picture on a big screen. YAY, I’m excited. And here it is.

And the day ends 🙂