Macy’s flower show and Samsung store

who is this?
Who is this?

Who is this in the picture. I seriously had no idea. It was on our way to the Macy’s flower show. After we came home I googled it and this was the statue of Horace Greeley who was the founder and editor of the New-York Tribune.

We stopped here to get some empanadas. I love to snack  :-P.

He is totally confused what to get. Next stop Macy’s flower show. Expectation- Very high 😀

It was completely different from what we can see in a flower show. And the end result. I love the creativity.




If you are going with the normal expectation for a flower show, you will definitely not like it. If you can enjoy the creativity and effort behind it, it’s an eye-pleasing show plus the bonus display of all the branded bags  :-D.

Next stop Samsung store

What about seeing our picture on a big screen. YAY, I’m excited. And here it is.

And the day ends 🙂



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