Happy Anniversary to us|Notes and Thoughts

Happy Anniversary to us. Time is running like a race horse. I feel like I just got married yesterday. The feeling right now I’m experiencing is Happiness, Bliss, Enlightenment. NO, NO don’t worry I’m not trying to become a saint. By marrying this wonderful person I’m not even thinking of that. Of course, I’m learning some of the yoga tricks these days. Appreciate me for that. woohoo!!

So coming to the anniversary. The day started at one of the shopping mall near to our home. Yes, it literally started at a shopping mall. My phone Nerd husband takes me to the AT&T store there. I waited there for almost 1 hour watching cartoon channel. I still remember the cartoon.Because the study says whatever you learn in the morning will not forget.

Anyways, by afternoon we started searching for that one special restaurant that can serve us the best food. FACT: never happened before 🙂

we found one Mediterinian restaurant ILILI (http://www.ililinyc.com/). The name itself was funny. But the food was awesome. Sumptuous. I don’t have words.

ILILI Restaurant
ILILI Restaurant


Food <3

On the way, we stopped at the public library to return my book. So here is me trying to be the nerd.

I’m lacking words to express my love for you dear. I LOVE YOU!!!




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