A whole lot of Selfie|Notes And thoughts

I love taking selfies. Anywhere, Everywhere. I’m ready to take selfies even if a tornado is coming.

Note: I have to look good in that ūüėÄ

Black And White selfie

A lot of people will be thinking why I’m posting such weird posts. I have to be consistent in writing¬†this blog. Consistency¬†is the key. So keep going. And I love selfies. Why not¬†talking about something I love.

Hotel selfie

I was literally so bored in the above picture. The only thing so exciting in this picture was I was about to go the Barnes and Nobles.

Wow . ¬†I just have to say the picture quality of Samsung¬†galaxy s8 plus is the best. The first two picture was taken with the iphone6. Look at the difference.¬†It’s just wow.

I know I look awful in this picture. But who cares. I’m following the footsteps of Sarah Knight who is the author¬†of ‘The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck’.

PS- I will only take my selfies when I’m feeling happy. I don’t know about the coming days. Just like one person said to me. Stay curious.


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