Washington D.C Diaries

Started the day off a bit late. Not because of me šŸ˜›

Our first visitĀ in D.C was to Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.Never everĀ have I visitedĀ this place so thoroughly.Ā Felt like I landed on the moon for a moment.

walked in the rain to watch the U.S Capitol and White House. I love rain. Let the rain toĀ wash away my tears.

U.S Capitol

The second day started very early. Visited Washington Monument.Ā It was a not so sunny day. It was perfect. I hate sunĀ tans. Despite the fact that I have vitamin d deficiency. pfff.

Washington Monument

What are you talking Albino baby? Met this Albino squirrel in Constitution Gardens in Washington.


The best photo ever. šŸ˜€

Can I take you home?


When the day comes to an end. I started hating all the burgers and hamburgers in the entire world. Why in the world do we not get anything else other than these fast food? End of the story. End of the day.




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