Bronx zoo|Nature Escape|New York city

It’s been several years that I wanted to escape into the lap of nature. There have been dreams that I even slept in some forests around the world. With the closest to all my sweethearts. To all the sweetheart creatures in the world.

The Bronx was not even closest to my nature dreams. it was well enough for my hungry nature-minded mind. I’m happy that I haven’t seen any animals with suffocating cages. Believe it or not, I used to be sad inside my mind for one those lions in a zoo(when I was young). Growing up I haven’t lost a bit of it. Compassion, love whatever madness the normal people call it. I’m a Tralfamodorian living in a Tralfamodore world. Sometimes I’m like Billy Pilgrim(one of the characters of Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse-Five).

Congo Gorilla Forest
I’m helpless  🙁

Look who is with me? The above post is for all the celibate peacocks that are especially found in India.


See from here onwards the above birds which are flamingos will be called flamis by me. They give me a silent promise that one day these non-migratory birds will come with me to travel around the world.

There is a lot to post. But this won’t be enough to post all my Tralfamodorian literature.



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