NJ festival of ballooning

This will be the first post that I almost took 6 hours to write.

Just in a happy mood right now. Lots of creative thoughts happening. I’m grateful for a lot of things.

I’m so grateful for all the wonderful things happening around me.

Last week we went to the ballooning festival. A good memory to remember forever. I don’t want to be poetic.

Excuse me? Can you please pose for a picture? 😛

corn field

why are you so beautiful nature?.


It was so crowded. But I like it. But I hate the sun.

It’s scary. That lady in the picture was doing almost every tricks she could possibly do.

That one of a kind. I haven’t seen it anywhere.



It’s also a place where the business firms can actually give an advertisement in the hot air balloons. Look at the director Shankar’s upcoming movie Enthiran 2.0 advertised in one of the balloons. I was actually so excited to take this picture.

The sunset. It’s time to say bid-adieu to all the balloons.